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Every stone tells a story

The Abbey at Solesmes

The Abbey at Solesmes

A cornestone of Gregorian Chant, this abbey reunites centuries of history with its religious music. Attending a choral service is a deep and unforgettable experience.

You will be captivated by the imposing silhouette of the elegant, yet austere Abbey of Saint-Pierre towering over the river Sarthe.

Having passed through the medevial door of abbey church, you will find the famous Saints de Solesmes, masterpieces of 15/16th Century French sculpture.

A model of the abbey can be seen in the monastery's gift shop, as well as illustrations and commentaries on the daily life of the monks and the facilities within the abbey walls.

A few steps away from Abbey Saint-Pierre, you will find the neogothic architecture of the Abbey of Saint-Cécile where the nuns go about their contemplative lives. Visitors have open access to the church.


5km away from Solesmes, at Vion, is the "Basilique Notre Dame du Chêne", with its small terracotta statue, the finish for a pilgrimage between the two villages, attracting both the religious and the curious.

At Malicorne, the 11th Century church of Saint Sylvestre is well worth a visit, with its characteristic Roman style architeture, it is one of the oldest churches in the Maine.

In the Anjou, the church of Saint Jacques in Chemiré-sur-Sarthe will impress you with its strangely shaped tower. 

For those wo appreciate religious history, follow our tours of the wall paintings, roman churches, ornate altar screnns or the cobbled streets of the Maine.




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2- Château de Villaines,

3- Temple d'Asnières,

4- Château de Sablé,

5- Sablé centre ancien,

6- Château du Plessis Bourré,

7- Church of Malicorne

8- Château de Malicorne.

Our small villages have real character...

Asnières-sur-Vègre, Brûlon, Parcé-sur-Sarthe and Saint-Denis-d'Anjou : 4 charming villages recognised "Petite cité de caractère" for their landscaped architectural heritage.


Not be missed : 

- The wall paintings in the church of St Hilaire at Asnières...

- The Claude Chappe museum in Brûlon,

- The Tour Saint Pierre in Parcé-sur-Sarthe,

- The medieval halls at Saint-Denis-d'Anjou.


You'll be equally enchanted by other pretty nearby villages like Crannes-en-champagne, Chemiré-sur-Sarthe, Poillé-sur-Vègre, Juigné-sur-Sarthe, Avoise...