Go with the flow

Take off on a boat… on the river Sarthe, the Vègre or the lakes. 


Stand on the deck of a comfortably equipped boat (without license). For a proper cruise, to 2-7 days on the Sarthe, click here for details of these boats.


If you don’t wish to be the captain yourself, opt for a boat trip with or without catering starting from La Suze-sur-Sarthe, Sablé-sur-Sarthe or Malicorne-sur-Sarthe.



                                                  Le Lutin Suzerain                                        Le Sablésien                                    Le Festival


Sans oublier les  qui se louent à la journée ou la toue cabanée qui vous amène jusqu'à Cheffes et Ecouflant.

Don’t forget the small boats which you can hire for the day or the two cabaneé (a boat unique to this region) which goes between Cheffes and Ecouflant.


Take a canoe out in the Sarthe Valley on the Vègre or the Sarthe itself and for a small trip, try a rowing boat or a pedalo. 


There are several places for bathing supervised in the summer at the lakes of Brûlon, Chantenay-Villedieu, Spay, Ecouflant and Marigné.


      Base Fred Chouvier à Brûlon                                  Base du Houssay à Spay


The Sarthe Valley is an absolute fisherman’s paradise, a recognised fishing village at Loué and a unique spot at Chemiré-en-Charnie dedicated to anglers.


Bathing on the beach or swimming in a pool. Splash around in the river or jump into the pool, make the most of the water, the golden liquid of the Sarthe Valley.