Go green

Large natural spaces

You will be surprised by the aquatic flora and fauna in the marshy areas of Le Bailleul and Maigné.

Informative notice boards are there to help you understand your surroundings and better appreciate the protected areas.

The Lower Anjou Valleys cover 9 200 hectares of wetlands (Natura 2000, protected zones) which are home to many of the region's unique animal and plant species. All year round, thousands of migratory birds make a stop-over here : graylag geese, pintail ducks, cornake and black-tailed godwit.


The Parc Anjou Aventure in Ecouflant is new in the Sarthe Valley !

With 5 long routes through the treetops, it's a great way to get closer to nature : 19 zip lines, night walks and 2 km of air-walks...

Go green, go really green !


The Sarthe Valley, Le Mans, the Haute Mayenne and the Sud Mayenne regions are working together to create a branch of tourism that is more ecological. To help you, a number of places to stay, restaurants places to visit and activities have been selected for their contribution to the protection of the environnement.

Eco- tourism in the Sarthe and Mayenne is based on the following principles : respect for the environment, promotion and development of local heritage and ressources and a well balanced contribution to local dynamism.

Raising awareness for all ages, a notebook "cahier de vacances durables" is available in all tourist offices and appropriate accomodation. This shrewd booklet is full of suggestions for games and activities relating to recycling, energy, local produce, helping the environment on your holidays,... Written in French, an opportunity to test your language skills !