Treat your taste buds

Delicious ideas for all food lovers


Visit to producers, local markets and farms... So many places to make your taste buds tingle with sweet and savory delights (shortbread, chocolate, rillettes...).


Petits Sablés biscuits


True ambassadors, La Confrérie du Petit Sablé (short-bread biscuits) at Sablé and La Confrérie des Chevaliers des Rillettes Sarthoises (rillettes is a type of pâté) were formed to promote these emblematic products of the region.

In Sablé-sur-Sarthe, before treating yourself to the irresistible Petit Sablé biscuits, we thoroughly recommend you visit one of the two traditional biscuit factories who will share their secret recipes with you... perhaps !!




Loué Chicken



You have propably heard of Loué chicken, but were you aware that there are several different varieties ? The white, black and yellow chickens and their cousins the guinea fowl, the capon, the pullet and the turkey... all of these farm reared poultry are certified "Label Rouge", organically produced and free range ! To be eaten without hesitation in the Sarthe Valleys best restaurants.






Another idea for food lovers, perhaps buy some flour produced in the Sarthe Valley. Pierre and Audrey at MoulinSart in Fillé love sharing the fully renovated working of their mill with visitors, and grinding flour just for you.





In Ecologîte in Saint-Denis-d'Anjou, it is not a watemill which grinds the wheat but it is done by hand. The fresly ground flour is of an incomparable nutritional value and exceptional taste (to order only).